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  • The Apartments at dominion post oak are not safe at all..many many cases of car theft and vandalism are happening in the car parking day and night .Management is inept, unprofessional, argumentative, manipulative and discriminating.
    They tow cars illegally, There is a huge parking problem here !!

    Monalisa Scott the manager is a very rude and toxic character to deal with !!

    Kyle Weaver one of the other managers is very rude and unprofessional !! He is always stoned & high on weed !!

    The Management is completely corrupt!

    FBI and Police are always around this building.

    Elevators constantly smell like weed and the car park is a hub for drug trafficking !

    The operation of prostitution in the building is active !!

    The pool area on level 7 are infested with cockroaches !!

    Many COVID 19 cases are not being reported !!

  • This place used to be amazing. Fain management was great and attentive. As soon as This Management took over it all changed. Completely deteriorated. They just took out the computers on the seventh floor, took away the coffee machines, stopped repainting the hallway walls. The pool is not being maintained.
    The grills by the pool have no maintenance, they run out of gas weekly and are left dirty overnight.
    There are roaches everywhere. I had lived in former Olympia for over 4 years and never saw a single roach. Since this management took over i have seen at least 20. No pest control is being done even when we are paying for it monthly.

    Management is not responsive anymore. When residents complain management says “thank you for your concern “.

    Dominion used to be a luxury apartment complex, and obviously charged like one.

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